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Easy, automatic back-ups

If you want an accessible, non-threatening file backup service, take a look at Home PC Backup.

This app and related service is ideal for home PC users with limited PC experience. Sign up for the service, download the desktop client and set Home PC Backup to automatically back up your most important files, photos and music. Then sit back and relax!

The backed up files will be stored on Home PC Backup’s own services, safe from harm. If the worst happens and you need to recover your backed up files, just hit the visible Restore button, and the files will reappear on your PC. The main Home PC Backup interface provides a summary of your back-ups and restores, while if you really want the gory details you can read the automatically-generated logs.

Although Home PC Backup is relatively simple to use, there isn’t any help documentation. Online, however, user-support seems easily accessible by both email and telephone. By taking a peek at the options in the lower left corner, you’ll be able to change the back-up schedule, the locations that Home PC Backup covers and some more advanced settings. The back-up schedule is very flexible, allowing you to back-up on a daily, monthly or continuous basis, although the latter option is probably excessive for most home users.

Home PC Backup is approachable and seems effective, making it perfect for the less-technical user who wants to leave data protection to third party and who appreciates accessible customer support. Anyone with a little more experience, however, will find the service lacking and probably want to look to alternative apps such as CrashPlan or Oops!Backup.

Firmly aimed at users new to back-ups, Home PC Backup is a solid choice.


  • Easy to use
  • Flexible schedule
  • Continuous protection
  • Protection against accidental deletion


  • Not very slick
  • No offline help
  • Not very advanced

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Home PC Backup for PC

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